maz_kazama (maz_kazama) wrote in karate_do,

Online karate stores....

Okay, so I've decided I want a lightweight Gi for Summer and I''ve been browsing the net a bit to find a good price. I also found that you can have your name embroidered in katakana on them which I would really like so if anyone know a site which would do this could you let me know? i would really appreciate it.

Anyway, what I'm really posting about is some of the 'models' on these sites. it really is blatently obvious that  the majority of these people  have never done karate before.  Some of the  'moves' they are  posing in  are  hilarious - especially when they're modelling black belts. And seriously - the amount of make-up the girls wear......who the heck wears lipgloss to training? Really?

Anyway, just wanted    to rant cos I'm sick of seeing the same stock photos/stupid pictures over and over again and I still haven't found what I want. rumble grumble.  
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