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Hi.  I'm pretty new to karate and I have a question.  I'd like to practice kata at home, but I live in the dorms so the only place to practice is outside.  I've tried practicing in bare feet, but it hurts on concrete and not an option on grass (allergies=rash).  I've also tried in shoes, but it just feels wrong.  So I was wondering if anyone knows of/has tried any footwear.  I was thinking something along the lines of ballet shoes?  The incongruity is horrible and cringe worthy.  I don't know anything about ballet shoes, by the way.  They just came to mind while thinking thin and flexible foot wear.  Please help! (cross posted to martial_artists )

ETA:  Oh!  I'm sorry, I forgot to mention I'm vegan, so leather won't work for me.  (I claim it was late for the forgetfulness. ^_^)  Thank you for that suggestion, though.

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