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First competition success

Long time lurker on both comms, (cross posted at girlfighters  and karatedo.

I recently took part in the KUGB national student championships and though I didn't get very far in kumite I made it to the final and came fourth.

I was really appy to get a medal in my first competition and it was really fun. Just wanted to let everyone know that if you're thinking of competing, GO FOR IT. I had a great time and no one was stuck up or elitist.

Here I am in the bottom right of this pic, grinning like a mentalist;

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Congrats! Great job and glad to hear it was great fun :-)
Thank you vrey much!

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Hrm well that;s a good thing about competition, it ensures you train regularly and that you really work on improving instead of just going through the motions.

You should go for it, you will be fine!
Hey dude,

I'm a member of the KUGB! Well, rather a dormant member as I haven't trained for a couple of years! I'm going to get back into it though - bought myself a new gi the other day.

I used to train at the Red Triangle - you're familiar with it I suppose?

Congratulations on the 4th place by the way.
Oh yeah, everyone knows the triangle, that's pretty hardcore. Good luck with it!