Eleanor (ellathemad) wrote in karate_do,

looking down

Me again =]

Recently, I've found myself looking down whilst training, a habit which I'd managed to get out of after about a year of training. It seems to have resurfaced, however, probably due to slack training in the holidays I think (I keep watching my feet when I train on the beach, as I lose my footing a lot, and I train there a lot more in the hols). Sometimes I end up with my head down at the end of the technique, and sometimes it's a look down quickly in the middle of the technique.

Does anyone have any ways of getting out of this, other than the time old pick-a-spot-on-the-wall(-and-glare-at-it-til-your-stare-burns-a-hole)?

Thanks, and thank you to everyone who commented on my last post.

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